From Sue

Dear Prayer Partners,

We need a special miracle from God for Rio, Yukari’s daughter. Yukari and family (all Christians) attend our church on Sunday mornings FAITHFULLY. Yukari lives in a very mountainous area called Aso. It’s about an hour or so from our church. Rio hasautism on the lighter side, but she struggles with things like sounds, touch, etc. Yukari moved just a few months ago in order to live in a school district that under-stands and specifically deals with the needs of children with disabilities. At first things were better. Rio was FINALLY able to enjoy school without the worry of bullying, and she has many good friends at school now. However, it turns out thatRio’s teacher is NOT very knowledgeable or helpful with Rio’s disability situation.

Aso is an area that is VERY BEHIND in dealing with disabilities. Japan is VERY BEHIND compared to America, but they are recently moving in a more positive direction, depending on where you live.

Yesterday Yukari met with the principal of the elementary school Rio attends (she’s in 3rd grade). Rio is very nervous about attending school now. (At the last school she basically stopped attending…) PLEASE PRAY that God would work GREATLY in Rio’s behalf so that her educational needs will be provided.

I know this is long, but I wanted you to be able to pray knowledgeably. THANK YOU for your prayers for Rio and Yukari.
Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue