From Sue

Dear Prayer Partners,

Last week’s radio program experience was a bit different than I’d hoped. When I got there, I learned that a lady who works at the station was to do the interview and she DIDN’T ask me the question about a message to the Japanese people. :( I was disappointed, but still believe that God has a reason for this opportunity. The lady who did the interview learned that there was a church in her area. I also had time to talk with Mr. Egawa’s wife, and learned she’s had Parkinson’s Disease for the last 13 years. I hope for an opportunity to somehow get the Gospel to her. Pray for that opportunity. My friend Yuko came to visit, but her mother didn’t come with her. We did have a good visit and did a lot of catching up.

I will be at the elementary school this Thursday. Please pray about that. Please pray that I can meet with Miss Moriyama on Friday, Nov. 17th. She called and cancelled for the 10th and I don’t have anymore Fridays open in Nov. Please continue to pray for God to work in the Monday night English Bible time. And please continue to remember the McVicker family in prayer that God will provide their needs to enable them to serve her in Japan soon.

Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers!
Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue