From Sue

Dear Prayer Partners,

On Sunday there were just the regulars that live in that area (and can’t come to our place easily because of distance.) There were no new people, but Norman has heard that there are others interested if we find a regular place to meet. Please continue to pray about this.

I go to the elementary school on Thursday. Pray that God will use me there. On Saturday I’m going to Kagoshima and will be meeting several friends (Christian and non-Christian). Please pray about this time.

Next Monday night I have English with Bible again. Please pray that God will work during the Bible time. Also, please continue in prayer for Mrs. Maeda’s salvation.

Please continue in prayer for the McVicker family to receive the needed support (prayer and financial) that they need to come serve in Japan.

Thanks so much for praying!
Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue

Just sent you an update but realized that I didn’t explain the first Sunday meeting very well. The Sunday meeting was held in Aso (Norman and family were there) and it was to see how much interest there is in that area for a church.
Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue