From Sue

Dear Prayer Partners,

Again, THANK YOU for your prayers! It’s a blessing to see God work here! :)

Last week I asked you to pray that Marty would find 2 qualified teachers for his kindergarten. Well, he has them—Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for new students for the kindergarten.

Jonathan took his driving test for his permit today but didn’t pass. It was his 1st try. He will take the test again next Tuesday. Please pray.

I called Eriko today and she’s having trouble with dizziness (taking medication now) so I didn’t ask about visiting her yet. Please pray that God will heal this health issue.

God gave me a window of opportunity at the elementary school to share a bit with one of the fifth-graders when I ate lunch with her.

Mrs. Miyazaki is coming to my home tomorrow. Please pray that God will open opportunities to share with her. Also, please pray that God will use the Bible time with Miss Moriyama this Friday.

Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue