From Sue

Dear Prayer Partners,

THANK YOU for praying! I know I’ve asked you to pray for several things this week already. To be honest, I am feeling stressed right now with SEVERAL big challenges in front of me. The following are 2 of them:

1. I’ve been trying to get needed medication into Japan for the last week or so. The expiration date where I can even do anything is next week. After that I’m assuming the meds will be either thrown out or sent back. I’ve been to the post office several times and we’re not really COMMUNICATING. They’re asking me for a label that I don’t even know about and then to find it on the internet in a Japanese website…it’s EXTREMELY frustrating. One of my meds has already run out…

2. I’m going to the elementary school today to see what’s happening there. The English teacher who contacts me about volunteering hasn’t contacted me since November. The school year here ends in late March and I also will be retiring… I’m hoping that I can discreetly find out what’s happened with this teacher. Is he still teaching there? I don’t know. Please pray for wisdom and favor from the leaders at the school and of course God’s will.

Thank you….
Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue