From Sue

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks so much for praying for Rio. I had sent Yukari a message saying that over 100 people were praying for Rio and God used your prayers to encourage Rio as she had been crying about the school situation when her mom told her you all were praying. God gave her courage to go to school. Please continue. I heard from Yukari just a few minutes ago and she said that the other students in Rio’s class (special ed class) were hitting themselves (self-inflicted harm) as a result of this teacher. She gets on them because they CAN’T do some of the things she expects. She’s only mid-20’s too…

I had good Bible times with Megumi and Miss Moriyama last week. Thanks for praying. Please continue to pray that I can meet with Eriko. (mentioned last week) Please pray for Jonathan as he’s started the process to get his driver’s license here in Japan (a BIG challenge). He got some of the paperwork today and will take a couple of hours of practice driving on Thursday. Here they have you take a permit test and then a driving test. Then later you take another written test and another driving test. Jonathan is a young man in his 30’s who is planning to help Norman in the ministry. His having a driver’s license and a car will be a GREAT benefit to the ministry here. Jonathan’s parents were missionaries in Germany for awhile and now his father is pastoring in New York.

Please continue to pray for the McVicker family to get the prayer and financial support they need to come serve in Japan.

THANK YOU for your prayers!!!

Yours for Japanese Souls, Sue