Carr’s June 14 Prayer Update

Hi, everyone!

We thought we’d send you an update from Japan one last time before we head back to the U.S. next month.

Last month’s pizza party for children was pretty well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and listen well during the gospel presentation. Questions were asked about the Bible and the way of salvation based on previous presentations and several of the kids knew a lot of the answers, which was encouraging. Please PRAY for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in their hearts, especially at the upcoming event this Saturday, June 17. A small group from one of the Petites’ supporting churches will be here and will be sharing the gospel that day.

(Very common) toppings for pizza included, squid, chicken, corn, and potatoes!


Everyone enjoyed the good weather while eating their pizza outside.


One of our church ladies brought her wheelchair-bound mother so she, too, could hear the Bible time.

This coming Sunday, Mitch and Tev will get to participate in their last youth group activity in Japan for awhile. In recent months they’ve gotten closer to several Japanese kids, so it will be hard to say good-bye to them. Please PRAY for Shuuichi, Kanta (two guys) and Yuu (a junior high girl), who will probably be in attendance at Sunday’s event. Please PRAY for others who are being invited to come as well, and for all of these kids to see their need of a Savior!

June 25th will find our Voice of Hope Gospel Choir having it’s final concert before a year long break while we’re in the states. Please PRAY for these dear people to continue to be touched by the gospel message through the words of the songs they have learned, even though we won’t be meeting each week. PRAY that many of them would be interested in coming to church and/or studying the Bible!

Our home is beginning to look more and more like a warehouse as we continue to sort through our things and pack them up or get rid of them. One good thing about moving every few years is that it helps possessions from multiplying too much (though we still always seem to have plenty of things to put on the truck on moving day!) Please PRAY for us to have strength and wisdom to deal with all the decisions that need to be made each day and that we’ll be a light to those around us in the process! We plan to take gifts around to our neighbors before we leave, so PRAY for that to be another opportunity for them to see Christ’s love in us.


Empty shelves and boxes are the new decor in our house these days!

We’d also appreciate PRAYER as we transition back to the states, and that the kids especially would do well in re-connecting with their friends and remain strong in their faith at school. We’re also still in need of scheduling some of our churches, so PRAY that those meetings will be arranged and be a blessing to all! PRAY, too, for safety for all the miles we’ll be driving and flying and that as we speak, hearts would be burdened about the great need in Japan.

Here is our upcoming U.S. schedule:
July 11 Arrive in Cedarville, OH (Tom, Paula, Mitch, and Tev)
July 13 Marching Band practices begin (Mitch and Tev)
July 16-20 Travel to Lancaster, PA for ABWE board interview and Missionary Enrichment Conference (Tom and Paula)
July 26 Speak at “Wild Wednesday”, Grace Bapt., Cedarville (Tom and Paula)
July 27-28 Travel to Colorado (Tom and Paula)
July 29-Aug. 2 Beth Eden Bapt. Miss. Conf., Denver, CO
Aug. 6 Arvada Bapt. Church, Arvada, CO
Aug. 7-8 Travel back to Ohio

Thank you once again for your faithful prayers, financial support and cards and letters! We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months!

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CARRying the Gospel,

Tom, Paula, Mitchell, Tevia (in Izumi, for a few more weeks); Andrew and Lindy (in Ohio)