Carr’s Jan. 17 Prayer Update

Happy New Year everyone!

We trust you all had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior, enjoying time with family and friends and maybe even a little relaxation!

We were thrilled to have all six of us together on Christmas Day and even managed another day together later in the week. As the kids get older, it’s getting harder to find time when all of have the same time free! Even the four of us only get to be together on rare occasions. Many of you know what we’re talking about!
​The six of us going on an outing
​Family game night

We’ve enjoyed visiting two churches since we last wrote. (Unfortunately we only have a picture of one of them–when will we ever remember to always take pictures?!?) We so enjoy re-connecting and look forward to sharing in the rest of our churches in the upcoming months.

We had a great time with folks in Kennewick, WA and London, OH!

Please PRAY for an activity that will take place this coming Sunday, the 21st, in Izumi, Japan. Recently the Voice of Hope choir there had a joint concert with a Korean group as well as the Izumi High School band. This Sunday everyone will be meeting together at the church in Izumi! PRAY for God to work in hearts of the kids and adults who will be there and for Bill, Becky, Julie and Paul who will be hosting this. There will probably be some other church people assisting this as well.

We ask you to continue to PRAY for the McVicker family as they continue to seek support and prayer warriors in order to join the work in Japan. PRAY that the Lord would raise up other workers, especially nationals, as well.

We’d appreciate prayer for this upcoming travel schedule:
Jan. 28 Bethany​ Baptist, Salem, OR (Tom and Paula)
Feb. 4 Puyallup Comm. Baptist, Puyallup, WA (Tom and Paula)
Feb. 11 First Baptist, Richland, WA (Tom); Grace Bapt, Cedarville, Women’s class (Paula)
Feb. 15-24 Far East Leadership Training Seminar, Jakarta, Indonesia (Tom & Paula)

Thank you once again for your faithful prayers and financial support. We are very grateful for you!
​CARRying the Gospel,
Tom, Paula, Mitchell and Tev; Lindy (at Cedarville University) and Andrew (in Cincinnati)