Carr’s August 18 Prayer Update

Hi, everyone!

Hello from the east side of the Pacific Ocean! We’ve been back in the states for awhile now and are finally getting a chance to update you. We hit the ground running when we got back and are finally having a chance to catch our breath.

As usual, leaving Japan was full of tears, promises to keep in touch, and goodbye-until-we-meet-again moments! No matter how many times we say goodbye (and there are lots!), it never gets any easier.

Eki goodbyes,2 (4)​​
On our last Sunday in Japan, Shuuichi, Kanta and Yuu (young people for whom we asked you to pray in our last update) came and participated in the service and/or farewell afterwards. We were thankful for one visitor and most of our regulars being in attendance. Please continue in prayer for the salvation of the three young people mentioned above and for spiritual growth and unity among the believers in the church in Izumi. PRAY for Bill, Becky, Julie, the Uchizonos, and Paul Shook as they work with these and others that the Lord brings their way.


Picture of attendees the last Sunday we were in Japan

The last Saturday of being in Izumi, our neighborhood held a small farewell gathering for us as well. Several of these neighbors even got up early to come to the train station to wish us a safe trip. We hope to renew acquaintance with them when we return next year, though we probably won’t be living in the same neighborhood.

IMG_2473 (1)
​Neighborhood kids and our two posed for a picture

Since being back in the states, Tom and Paula had the privilege of participating in a children’s program at our church in Cedarville, a missions conference and the Sunday morning and evening services of two churches in Colorado, as well as our ABWE Missionary Enrichment conference. Mitch and Tev have been busy as well, starting Marching Band, volleyball managing (Tev), and getting a part-time job (Mitch). Please PRAY for us as we continue to adjust to new routines, experiences, differences in culture, and strive to be a light for God’s glory where ever we are.

IMG_0039 (2)
Tom preaching (without shoes, of course!) during one of the missionary conference services​


One of the conference activities was riding a bus to a CO Rockies game with church folks and other missionaries!​

Other items for prayer:
1) Tom will be speaking at First Baptist, Othello, WA on Aug. 27th.
2) Pray as we seek to get involved in various ministries and/or community activities here in Cedarville during the times we’re not on the road. We want to be used in whatever way the Lord would have us. Pray for Andrew as he continues to adjust to being out on his own and for Lindy as she starts up her Junior year at Cedarville University next week. Mitchell (H.S. senior) and Tevia (H.S. junior) start school next Wednesday.
3) Pray for the regular ministries of Izumi Living Hope Baptist Church, including English classes, kids’ events and Sunday morning services, as well as for unbelievers to be interested in studying the Bible. Pray for endurance in the severe heat and humidity. The Annual PRAISE service (for all of the sister churches) will be held on August 27. Also, the group meeting in the Aso area of Kumamoto are praying about buying a building and property there.
4) Pray for the McVicker family who are seeking prayer and financial support in order to join our ABWE team in Japan.

Thank you so much for your prayers, financial support and cards and letters! We have enjoyed spending time with some of you already and look forward to seeing others of you soon!
CARRying the Gospel,

Tom, Paula, Mitchell, Tevia (in Izumi, for a few more weeks); Andrew and Lindy (in Ohio)