Bringing the Light of Christ

to the Land of the Rising Sun

About Us

We hope this website will help better communicate with our prayer warriors the needs of our missionaries and pastors here in Kyushu. We hope to have prayer requests sent out on a regular basis. We are asking God to raise up 50 prayer warriors that will commit themselves to regularly pray for our ministries. Japan is still in the dark about a great Savior that has come to this world for their sins.

Our Missionaries

Tom & Paula Carr

imageI (Tom) was raised in Cedarville, OH, and graduated from Cedarville University and then Norhtwest Baptist Seminary. We arrived in Japan for our first term in 1994. AFter two years of language school we worked at the Hayato Baptist Church. We are ministering in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, and have since 1999. All four of our children we born in Japan.


Sue Hahn

imageI came to Japan as a missionary in 1979. I work with other missionary families in planting churches here. I have helped plant 2 churches in the Kagoshima area and am now in a brand new church plant in Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kikuyo area where I work alongside Norman and Susan Smith. My main ministries are teaching English and Bible to Japanese of all ages.


Bill & Becky Petite

imageBecky was born and raised in Japan, the daughter of missionary parents. Bill was born and raised in the United States and came to Japan as an adult. We have served in Japan as church planting missionaries since 1990. Both of our children were raised in Japan. Along with the apostle Paul we “have made it our aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named” (Rom. 15:20).

Through the privilege of sharing the Gospel where Christ is seldom heard the Lord has given us new brothers and sisters in Christ in Japan. Along the way he has given us the joy of being involved in camp ministries, outreach to the deaf of Japan, Bible school teaching, children and teen outreach and music ministries. Most of our work has been connected with the Living Hope Baptist Church in the city of Aira in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.


Chris & Donna Sadowitz

imageWe serve at the Miyakonojo Christian Center, Miyazaki. Our ministries include preaching, tai kwon do, coffee shop and ministering to anyone the Lord leads into our lives.




Norman & Susan Smith

imageThey have been in Japan since 2003. As of the summer of 2008 they are in Kikuyo City, a suburb of Kumamoto City. Their focus is on discipleship and training Japanese men to lead the church in Japan. They have three children, Chloe, Cameron and Melodie.




About Japan

ABWE missionaries arrived in Japan in 1953. At that time, there was an urgency to see the “people of the sun” become “people of the Son,” Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. These missionaries were like lanterns shining forth the gospel…as lanterns in the sun. Through the years churches and other ABWE related ministries were established, as the gospel began to burn slowly across the nation. There continue to be significant needs and challenges in bringing the light of Christ to the Land of the Rising Sun. The ABWE Japan team is praying that God would raise up men and women who are willing to join the team and set ablaze more lanterns in the sun.

What do you think of when you hear the word Japan? Rice, anime, manga, raw fish and seaweed, or kimonos? Japan is all of these things, but more importantly, Japan is a country of people who need to hear the gospel.

Where warrior overlords and emperors ruled the island nation in its early history, the country is still governed today by a parliament.

The country of Japan has a rich cultural heritage that was heavily influenced by China and the introduction of Buddhism around the 6th century A.D. Temples and shrines cover the country. The Japanese flock to shrines for religious holidays and festivals throughout the year.

When ABWE first entered Japan in 1953, the work centered in Kagoshima City. Sunday school, Bible classes, and preaching services, combined with tract distribution and personal evangelism contributed effectively to the gospel ministry.

The first camp was held in 1955, and has proven an effective means of reaching Japanese young people. Since six years of English are required in junior and senior high school, teaching English to Japanese students provides an open door for sharing the gospel.

With less than 1% of the Japanese population professing faith in Christ, Japan is very much a land in need of missionaries with a pioneering mindset and energy. Rarely does interest in the God of the Bible rise apart from a foundation of sincere, time-consuming relationship building. Missionaries are needed for church-planting teams in southern Kyushu who will reach out to Japanese people where they are located and do the things they are doing in order to build evangelistic bridges into the community.

About ABWE

ABWE is an unaffiliated, independent Baptist missions agency providing like-minded churches with vital services to expedite their Great Commission ministry. We serve local churches by providing administrative oversight and training for the missionaries that they recommend to us. This includes member care, financial coordination, team building, professional training and general administration.

ABWE is international in that we have administrative offices in both the U.S. and Canada, and we partner with indigenous missions agencies and churches around the world. We are intercultural in that we welcome personnel from every racial, cultural and national background residing in North America.

The total ABWE family is about 1,200 people (including field personnel, headquarters staff, short-term and retired missionaries and board members). More than 900 missionaries serve alongside our national colleagues in about 60 countries.

ABWE missionaries carry out a complete spectrum of biblical ministries, specializing in discipleship-evangelism that plants and multiplies churches which will pick up the torch of missions themselves and launch their own local and global missions movements. Our objective is: church-planting movements leading to missions movements for the glory of God. “From every nation to every nation!”

ABWE distinctives include: doctrinal integrity, focus on evangelism and disciple-making, pursuit of life-long training, commitment to excellence, emphasis on team building, compassion-in-action and partnering with nationals.